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A unique projects of initiatives from concept to development, marketing and sales.

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"Brilliant ideas need to take place in our life"

In a world with a lots of great Ideas,Inventions & Entrepreneurship fall down because complicated procedure to take idea to realization we'll try to take some of the greatest ideas and implement them.


100$ give u vote point.U can choose which project or all u want 2 donate anyhow 10% of each $ divided for all, so all are invested


Total projects will evaluated around 11.55M after invest of 940K,10% shares are now open for crowdfunding

Join us

B Part of the team,B part of us, fulfill urself, fullfil the hive, we need ur help there so much work to do, Join us and Just B


If U like me like us with great idea & passion but have difficulties to make it heppend,Then Lets us check feasibility

Our Top


Good quality people band together 2 an elite unit, then subdivided into groups according to their skills and abilities 4 the needs of each project. Anyone who can and want to contribute to this experimentation skills and knowledge acquired Companies wishing to invest Or people who blieve the project & want to donate money U can invest the entire project or a specific entrepreneur.

Beed IT

New n unique sale method that breaks apart the sales process 2 make it fair, effective & faster .This sales method can use 2 sale almost everything in some platforms like bids,marketing,flights deals,Ads & even TV Show format.

Wear Car Care

Thunderbird 66' like new!? only with WCC 67'. Help U to keep Ur car clean & protected from Dirt, Sun damages,Pigeon droppings & from scratches you can do it by urself 10min Work once a month 20$(part of the car)-100$(all) to keep it clean & shiny.It's Time to protect ur Car.


Totally FREE dating this site 4 arranging good matches 4 serious intentions only. An alternative circle to find ur mating in unique online way.In this site it's not about Quantity here it's all about the quality & we have the way 2 keep that, so u'll find the right one 4 u.

WW Conquest

World Wide 18+ Online Strategic game, the winner is the one who get the largest territories or points.The Game is for register users only, who buy virtual money they can play against the computer or online against friends or people all over the world.Participants pay & the winner win the pot.

Family Tree

Web application easy 2 use Just feel in ur self and ur family information around hand shake with friends information & The network will grow to enormous you can make your own family Tree Edit by yourself keep it in file or printed & alot of other features.

Daka Shava Shalva

Take a minute 4 urself Take a break 4 ur mind and body give urself 2 our hands & let us upgrade ur feeling, mood and mode With 10 minutes of good and quality Massage with our professional staff in a relaxed atmosphere on designed and clean place 2 give you an enjoyable experience.

Power Of Words

Script 4 TV series/Movie: What if... Death and Live are really in the power of the tongue... what if The are special ones who have this power words... what if they dont know they have this power...& what if there people who know how to use this special ones.Beware from knowing IT.

Book Me

"Bedtime Story Time 2 sleep But I'm not sleepy yet...Long ago there was a princess She was so fine She was all alone.." Time to open ur App & start all over...Interactive Beautiful App that let u & ur kids plenty of joyful Time even if it's morning\noon time. It's time 2 read.

40+ Portal

A free Portal for 40+ who need boost to thier carrers every1 can open ticked & add CV for relevant carrers as contractor, Salaried employee or freelance.Companies can search or post a job.Entrepreneurs can search candidate ask for invest for their startup.Investors can check for a potential investment



Any one can any1. with 1$ or with 1 mind, the more U in the more U get, Let's work 2gether with Ur help our Project will sky high




100$=1 VotePoint

  • 1Milion People
  • 1 Milion Dollar
  • 10+ Projetcs
  • 10% Gains2 community

Public Investors



Invest 1=All

  • 100$10V$
  • 100$ 1 VotePoint
  • 1 or all Projects
  • 10% Divided All project





  • 10 Milion $
  • 10% 1 Milion $
  • 100$ 0.001 shares
  • IN 1 All IN
Let's Go



Per Project

Or all

  • Up 2 30%Shares
  • 1 Project
  • 2+ Projects
  • 100 %
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Some Insperation Quotes.

  • Author image
    Helen Keller American author, political activist, and lecturer

    The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

  • Author image
    Steve Jobs CEO, Apple.

    Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.

  • Author image
    Helen Keller American author, political activist, and lecturer"

    Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.

  • Author image
    Michael Jordan NBA basketball player.

    I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.

  • Author image
    Roger Nelson American Musican

    “Money won’t buy happiness, but it’ll pay for the search.”


Questions and Answers.

In ambitious project like this with a lot of fog and questions mark around it,proper thing to do is to try to answer & clear the fog as much as possible.

How can be sure it's not a fruad?

In a days that afruad cases all around us it's hard to tell or know.4 that we use 3rd party company platforms(crowdfunding) that help to keep ur money save & review of accounting office after the funding is finished & project start trustees are appointed by the supporters to get proper management

Is it must to register?

U can donate anonymously without register but if u 2 B part of the project: vote, affect, get informed, update & open an account 2 get Virtual money so U can use to get services in our world, you should register.

I'm an app developer how can I help?

We do need good specific developer for our project & our need change from time to time you can send Ur CV 2 our HR deparment email to check to Jobs

I invest only in one project how can I know the progress?

Thank U! U shlould get an email by now with links and reports about the progress if U didnt get please send mail to our support or chat with our representatives online.Also U should know even that U invest only in 1 project 10% of ur investment actually invest all other projects & ur revenue is from all projects

What is Virtual money?

Virtual money is one of our project that index funds rate, the average trade.This V money can use all over our services, meaning that U can buy with VMoney from all our services & redeem Ur Vmoney 2 get Real money.

what is vote point stand for?

Some of our decisions will need to come to vote like what project to take place or what steps need to take with other project & 4this Wisdom of the crowd is very powerful also will be vote for trustees from the supporters & all this with vote points (the more vp u have the more power u got).

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